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Bob & Sharon Malcom Have Recently Retired From The New Car Business ... However Their Passion For Cars Live On !

They Are Keeping The Website bobmalcom.com Up For Their Next Chapter In Life... And That Is Classic Cars Sales !

Bob & Sharon Malcom & Family Have Decided To Start Selling Classic Cars, Customs, Hot Rods & More !

So Please Feel Free To Contact Bob, Sharon, R.D. Or Ben Malcom If Your Looking Or Wanting To Buy A Classic Car.

R.D. Malcom

Ben Malcom
Please Contact Us By Phone - 1-937-587-2409
By email - malcommopar@yahoo.com
 We Will Be Posting Cars For Sale Here On The Website !

Friends Classic Rides !

Check Back Daily Were Adding Pictures Of Events, Friends, Celebrities, Down Though
Bob & Sharon Malcom's 51 Years In The Car Business.
Thanks To All ... Of Those Who Have Been A Special Part Of There Life.
If You Have A Picture Of Bob & Sharon Malcom... Down Though Memory Lane Of A Special Moment,
I Will Post It Here On The Web Site... Please e-mail me @

Bob & Sharon Malcom's Wing Cars
This Photo Was A Centerfold In The Xtream Muscle Car Calendar 2008

Just For fun !

O.K. Auto Parts Old Timers Day Car Show 2014 - New

Union Hill Church Youth Car Show 2014 - New

Tim Adams Cruise In 4 Cancer 2012

O.K. Auto Parts Old Timers Day Car Show 2012

Pepsi Max Car Show Tour 2012

O.K. Auto Parts Old Timers Day Car Show 2011

Mopar Nationals 2011

Viper Club At Malcom's

Ramblin Relics Cruise In At Bob Malcom's

Bob Malcom
High School Picture

 Bob Malcom
 U.S. Army
Jan. 19, 1956 - Feb. 10, 1962
Korea War Conflict

Muscle Car Nationals Chicago

Bob& Sharon Mopar Enthusiasts Of The Year 2008

Memories Of The Good Old Days

Bob Malcom & Chip Foose Bob Malcom & Mr. Norm
Bob, Sharon Malcom & Ronnie Sox Dick Landy
Herb McCandeless Bill Goldberg
Big Willie Robinson John Schneider
The diorama is of the Bob Malcom Chrysler Plymouth Dodge in Peebles, Ohio,
which was chosen by Ertl Collectables as the perfect dealership to display these models.

Ertl Collectables Made A Repelica Of Old Dealership Of The Late 60's And Early 70's
When The Mopar Muscle Car's Were In There Prime.

2,500 set produced by Ertl/Racing Champions and offered by
Campbell Collectibles to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the powerful 1970's muscle cars.

This Photo Was In The Xtream Muscle Car Calendar 2010
1969 Dodge Daytona Made The Callender

This Photo Was In The Xtream Muscle Car Calendar 2010
1968 AMC Javelin

Bob & Sharon Malcom's Collectible Muscle Cars

Pictures Of The Old Dealership

1978 1988 1995

Some of Bob & Sharon Malcom's  Memorabilia

Some of Bob's Parts

Bob's Richard Petty Race Car

Richard Petty
Race Car

Bob Malcom's Collection Is On This Video
You Tube Clip Click On Picture Below

Bob Malcom on the farm where he grew up ... Picture from the late 40's early 50's
Bob is in the center of the photo.

Bob Malcom And Tilden Sowards ... Way Back In The Day.

Good Time Selling Muscle Cars... And Loving The Hobby At The Same Time.. Would Make You Smile Like This.

Bob Malcom... Won Many Trophies With This Road Runner.... Mother In Law In Back ... Not To Happy With Him Racing !

Bill Goldberg with Bob & Sharon Malcom in Carlisle Chrysler Nationals - in Carlisle Pennsylvania

 Bob Malcom with Dodge City Sheriff

Bob Malcom, Jerry Clower, Tilten Sowards

Bob & Sharon Malcom
Wants To Thank You For 50 Years Of Business.
Through The Good Times And Bad, We Been Here To Support Our Area In The Car Business.
Not Just A Place Of Business, But A Friend.
From Sales, Service Or Parts.
We Thank You.


60K Miles !!!