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The gut microbiome in health and disease

The gut microbiome in health and disease

Here is something that will change healthcare and make us more aware of our gut microbiome

This data will change healthcare and make us more aware of our gut microbiome

Progenabiome, a physician-owned genetic sequencing laboratory, found cutting-edge data on Clostridium difficile (C.diff), a disease burdening 500,000+ Americans yearly. They will present a validated, verified, and reproduced C.diff Assay at The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019 in San Antonio.

Progenabiome, a genetic sequencing laboratory of the gut flora. Leading the way into the FUTURE by understanding the microbiome NOW. The quest for a new healthcare revolution!
Progenabiome, a genetic sequencing laboratory of the gut flora. Leading the way into the FUTURE by understanding the microbiome NOW. The quest for a new healthcare revolution!

“This data will change healthcare and make us more aware of our gut microbiome,” said Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg, CEO and Founder of Progenabiome. “2500 years later, we’re proving Hippocrates right…everything starts in the gut.”

Dr. Hazan, a Malibu-based gastroenterologist, has 20+ years experience leading clinical trials, many for C.diff. When trials failed, she used fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), following advice from friend Dr. Neil Stollman, gastroenterologist at UCSF and East Bay Center for Digestive Health. She also followed great work by Dr. Thomas Borody, FMT pioneer and Centre for Digestive Diseases founder. Success post-FMT for recurrent C.diff suggested the microbiome holds many answers.

Knowing the C.diff microbe has existed for 10 million years, she questioned why it now takes 50,000 lives annually.

Dr. Sydney Finegold, infectious disease specialist who researched Autism/microbiome for 50 years, recommended she acquire a next-generation sequencer. When he passed in 2018, his books went to Hazan, hoping she could continue his legacy.

In January, she joined pathologist Dr. Brad Barrows and scientific director Dr. Andreas Papoutsis to launch Progenabiome. Their first run found non-toxigenic C.diff in every sample, including those not diagnosed with the disease. Preliminary data shows the C.diff microbe is not transmitted hand-to-mouth as previously believed. It is already in the gut and becomes toxic when something ingested triggers it.

Progenabiome will present this groundbreaking discovery at ACG 2019 (Poster 1027 / Booth 1931) and the 7th Annual International C.diff Conference November 6-7, 2019 in St. Louis.

Progenabiome is investigating the role of the gut flora in various diseases through 11 studies overlooked by New England IRB. Progenabiome’s Mission: to better understand, prevent, and treat diseases by analyzing specific genetic codes of 40 trillion gut microbes. Dr. Hazan believes the art of Medicine lies in our ability to see outside the box and recognize that all microbes and humans are unique.

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Closing Lessons From Real Estate Mogul Ryan Serhant

These Closing Secrets From Real Estate Mogul Ryan Serhant Will Separate You From The Rest In Your Industry. If You Want More Closing Secrets, Secure Your Copy Of Dan’s Brand-New Book, Unlock It, Here: Most people misunderstand closing. They think it’s about waiting till the end of the sales conversation to do the “hard close”. However, in this video, Dan and Ryan Serhant, a renowned American real estate broker who appeared on Million Dollar Listing New York, discuss how to set your deals up for an easier close. Watch this video now to discover Ryan Serhant’s closing secrets. Ryan Serhant is an American real estate broker and recognized as one of the best in his field. He is now leading his own team of more than 60 experienced agents and has closed over $1.6B worth of real estate over the last two years. Furthermore, he is a bestselling author and a star in the television series, “Million Dollar Listing New York”, and, “Sell It Like Serhant”. ? SUBSCRIBE TO DAN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ?… Check out these Top Trending Playlists – 1.) Boss In The Bentley –… 2.) Sales Tips That Get People To Buy –… 3.) Dan Lok’s Best Secrets –… Not long ago, Dan Lok was just a poor immigrant boy. He had nothing but a strong desire to get out of debt and make enough to provide for his single mom. With this strong desire, Dan quit his job as a grocery bagger. He dropped out of college. And he became an entrepreneur. After 13 failed businesses, Dan finally became a self-made millionaire at age 27 and multi-millionaire by age 30. Fast forward to today, Dan is now an official Forbes Book author with over 13 internationally best-selling books. He’s the founder and chairman of several multimillion dollar businesses. And outside of his business success, he is one of the most-watched, most quoted and most followed educators of our time. In total, his videos have been watched over 100-million times across his social media platforms. His emails are read by over 2,000,000 people every month.

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Local SEO – How To Outrank 99.9% Of People After This Video

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Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines


Search Engine Optimization

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Having a functional website jam-packed with attractive content is only half the battle. In order for anybody to see all of that beautiful content, your website needs to be optimized to show up in search engine results. With a website that is easy to find, you have a better chance of visitors turning into paying customers. Proper SEO management will increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, bringing more traffic to your website.


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Marketing for Musicians, Urinals, & Facebook Video

– On this episode, I talk about Facebook video versus YouTube, I talk about bathroom advertising, and I talk about what musicians should do in 2016, 18, 20, 22. (hip hop theme music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Knowledge is power if you have the right hook ♫ What’s up everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 78 of the #AskGaryVee Show. First and foremost, I need to give a tremendous welcome to my new wide receiver, Brandon Marshall. The Jets just traded for the Bears Brandon Marshall. I’m excited about it, thrilled with the 5th round pick exchange. We’ll see how it all works out. I’m sure a lot of you will leave comments saying he’s old, he’s washed up, and this and that.

That’s fine. I’ll do that deal. Episode 78, still live-streaming on Meerkat, I like that. People are enjoying that. India’s here with her long hair. Show it. Show it. And let’s get right into the show. – Nicole asks: “I just bought “and indoor billboard company. “How do you feel about advertising in the bathroom?” – Nicole, I’m about to throw a huge curve ball. That’s a Clayton Kershaw left-handed curve ball. That’s a fantasy baseball time. You’re gonna start getting a lot of fantasy baseball references over the next three to four weeks.

Five weeks. Six weeks. Seven weeks. Eight weeks. I think that I love this. See, one thing that people don’t realize is I’ve spewed about how I think Superbowl commercials are grossly underpriced. I think people think that I hate all traditional media, and it’s just about social. The truth is, I just care about the attention graph. Show me where the eyes and ears are, and I’ll show you something I believe in. I believe that when I go pee-pee, and I see a sign right here, now, look, the truth is, flip it to me. The truth is, more and more lately, when I go pee-pee, I’m doing this, right? Do you look at your phone when you’re peeing? Staphon? Check.

Alex? Check. DRock? Okay, four for four. So, do I think the value of urinal signs is as high as it was three years ago? I don’t. Do I think that they’re still probably undervalued, because people pay attention? I do. They’re better than other outdoor medium stuff, but the vulnerability to these urinal sinage, which I’ve always been a historic huge fan of, is the phone culture. Watch this. Staphon, did you look at your phone while you were peeing three years ago? – No. – You? – Nope. – You? – No. – Me neither, and that’s super interesting.

– Chris asks: “If Apple could build a car, “could Mercedes build a smartphone?” – Chris, everybody can be in everybody’s business, if you’re good enough. Could Dion and Bo Jackson play both football and baseball? They could. They were good enough. Could I? Neither. I mean, the answer’s absolutely. Remember, Nintendo started as a playing card company. Sony, which made televisions, decided to become a major player in the video game space. Microsoft became a major player in the video game space. Mobile’s going with the watch. The Apple Watch thing’s incredible. Apple as a phone provider was a brain twist. We just forget, ’cause it just happened. What’s that? You like it? You like the show? DeMayo’s all excited. He never gets excited. So, I think the answer’s yes, but what Mercedes has to do is have the talent internally to be able to pull it off, but I believe that the internet is shrinking the middle and infrastructure costs. I don’t know what DRock’s looking at. But, I believe the internet is shrinking the middle and infrastructure costs, which make me believe that anybody can go into anybody’s business, if they have the talent, and so I think that will play itself out.

So, I do believe that this’ll be a good video to make and I’ll enjoy watching it in 15 years. I do believe three to five to ten major companies in certain genres, as we see Google going into self-driving cars, and the question at hand, which is a great question, I’m gonna make some predictions here, and I’m not usually right with my predictions. I’m a fast adviser, and then I execute. I’m not a great predictor, but I will say this Nike feels like a company to me that will pull off being in a business that none of us can wrap our head around right now.

I’m going with Nike. I also think Starbucks has the potential DNA to do it, and then I think somebody rogue and old that we disrespect, whether it’s IBM or GE, you know, I think somebody more traditional is going to go into a business that none of us would expect. And by the way, before I go into the next question, your snowshot was tremendous, and that’s why we love having people ask questions on Instagram. – broadwaysnexthitmusical asks: “We’re an improv comedy group that performs both in “New York City and throughout the country. ” How do we use social media to get input “about each town we’ll be performing in ahead of time “so that we can create unforgettable shows “full of in-the-know references?” – Broadwaysnexthitmusical, let me answer this question for you, it’s called a very simple tactic that I used to overindex in social in 2007, 8, and 9.

It’s called listening. You go to, and you search the zip code of the town you’re coming into, and it will show you every single person tweeting in that town. You read the comments, and then you make references to being “in-the-know”. You’re welcome. – Hi, it’s Tanya Mercer, and the question is about Facebook videos. In one day, I posted a Facebook video that got 2,500 views. It took me that long to get that many views in one year on YouTube. Do I continue with YouTube, or should I focus on Facebook? – Tanya, great question. First of all, I want to make sure that you got 2,500 views and not 2,500 impressions. So, I need you to pause, go back and look at the impressions numbers and the views numbers, because that’s where people are getting a little bit confused, tactically, practitionarilly, in the trenches on Facebook. The answer to your question is both. Like, you should be making YouTube videos, you should be making Facebook videos. Most of the content should be the same.

You’re able to, if you edit, you now have the luxury of these tremendous athletes, and they can edit and do some screenshot previews, and do some more things that are native to Facebook, more native to YouTube. Your call to actions to share can be different. There’s some nuances, but I have a feeling if you create a very effective pre-roll and post-roll that are both native to Facebook and YouTube, the answer’s both, because you never know where somebody’s gonna see you, and then it allows you to pop. One view on YouTube could change your life. It could be Oprah. – jxkdrums asks: “What advice would you have “for musicians wanting to make their living “playing music in the 21st century?” – Justin, thank you so much for your question. Amazing picture, great job to have your community give some love and it allowed me to see this question. I’m really excited to answer this question. You know, I think the answer is, as a musician, you need to be everywhere where the people who care about your genre of music are, and obviously the youth is an overindexing play, so, look, if you’re not on SoundCloud, if you’re not on SnapChat and Vine and Instagram, then you’re not living to a 25 year-old and under, and I think that’s an important place for you to be.

So, one, you need to be putting out content everywhere. Once you build the leverage, there’s ways to monetize, right? Brands are gonna continue to pay for music, live events will happen. I think what really matters is creating content and putting them out on all these platforms, and then interacting with your audience, right? So, it’s not good enough to just put out a song and use DistroKit and get it out everywhere, and then it’s on every platform, great.

It’s on SoundCloud and iTunes and Spotify, great, that’s fine. But then, how do you actually harness, what is being a musician? It’s always been, look, Grateful Dead and Phish, those are very successful bands because they actually have a community, and what happens is, people who are very hard-core about music, I’m not one of them, but the reason they make fun of pop music is it’s fleeting, right? It sits for a second and then goes away. The best pop music, you know, the Madonnas, the Michael Jacksons, the Justin Timberlakes, they cultivated community. You know, it’s so funny. Everyone is like “woe is me! “You can’t make money with tools anymore.” Do you know how many people have popped and made money because of YouTube and Vine and SnapChat and Instagram, that would have never been signed 15 years ago, and then would have had to just go on and do what they, so what’s happened, my friend, is there’s less people at the tippy-top.

There’s less acts, right? There’s not 50 people anymore, making a gadrillion just on selling music, but what’s happened is that the internet has created a longer tail, and so there’s a lot more people right now, a lot more, making thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, and I’ve got to tell you something, if you’re an artist, and musicians are, you just want to be able to do your art. Do you know how many people are happy making $41,000 a year from AdSense or a random show, or things of that nature, who now, because of modern technology, can make $41,000 a year and play their music, who had to do something else 15 years ago to make $41,000, ’cause you couldn’t make $41,000 playing your music? So, my friend, we’re in a long tail.

We’re in a long tail. You want to make enough to realy crush it and play your music? Well, then you’ve got to care about the audience. One by one by one by one, and you gotta do things for your audience, and what I mean by that is you’ve got to start using tools like Meerkat and create behind the scenes footage, you have to keep innovating, you have to keep making that connection, you have to keep taking away the velvet rope, I mean, look, Meerkat is a preview to the fact that I’m gonna be wearing wearable devices and you guys are gonna be following me everywhere I go, all the time, always. Truman Show, bitch. The Vaynerchuk Show. It’s coming. Get ready. Get your fucking popcorn, ’cause I’m coming at you, and that connection is the game. So that’s episode 78 in the bag.

All the people watching on YouTube, I need you to subscribe to the podcast. I’m getting very obsessed with this right now, getting a little competitive, throwing a little bit of right hooks. Let’s link these up, DRock, (chime dings) down below, whatever, please. And review the show. I need that love, please, that means a lot to me. Question of the day: will you, when this technology comes, will you Truman Show your life? Or will you consume Truman Shows? Give me a breakdown. Zero putting out content, 100% consumption? Zero and zero, ’cause you won’t do either? 100 putting it out, and zero consuming? Tell me how you’re gonna break down the future. You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. By the way, India did a shit job, and didn’t show me the bathroom ads while I was explaining it was urinals– – The ones I’ve seen, it’s not like the ones she has. – I get it, but you could have stopped me while I was doing my whole urinal explanation. Those doors I like, again, it’s a shock value, they haven’t been in doors in the past, and again, in five years, we’ll all tune them out, but for the first beginnings, I kind of like it, I mean, the bathroom is a captivated place.

I’m a fan of marketing there. I want to be in charge of picking the picture. We may have to go in the bathroom and take a picture, with Meerkat. All right, let’s go. (chuckling) ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Jab, jab, jab, right hook ♫ Knowledge is power if you have the right hook ♫ .

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Marketing for Musicians

How To Choose a SEO Company… We go over some things you should be looking for when choosing a SEO agency. 1. What sites they have made rank? Lots of people talk a good game, but haven’t actually made client sites rank. 2. Can they show you evidence of organic search traffic that they improved for a client? This should be simple to do via Google Analytics. 3. Are they specialists in SEO for your industry or vertical? 4. Who will be doing the day to day work on your SEO campaign? 5. What’s your gut feeling about working with them?

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Automobile Industry – Opportunities Markets and Globalization

In this video, you will learn how automobile companies are making the transition to producing a lot more fuel-efficient vehicles. CEO, Jack W. Plunkett, guides you through the trends that are going to take over one of the world’s most influential industries. 00:00:46,400 – 00:00:51,390 The problem is that within the United States, the industry is forced to make 00:00:51,390 – 00:00:57,440 more investment than it wants to in small highly fuel-efficient cars because 00:00:57,440 – 00:01:03,620 as the years go by, the C-A-F-E, or the required average fuel efficiency rate for each 00:01:03,620 – 00:01:07,689 manufacturer gets higher and higher. Pretty soon, automakers are gonna have 00:01:07,689 – 00:01:12,670 to post more than 50 miles per gallon average per automobile. Now that’s gonna be 00:01:12,670 – 00:01:17,929 hard to do. It’s going to take a lot of engineering. It also takes away from their investments in big 00:01:17,929 – 00:01:23,560 gas-guzzling vehicles. In Europe, automakers are pretty well focused on 00:01:23,560 – 00:01:28,530 selling more fuel-efficient vehicles because fuel prices in Europe are always 00:01:28,530 – 00:01:33,859 so high, where fuel is taxed at a much higher rate per gallon or per liter than it is 00:01:33,859 – 00:01:40,310 in the United States. Finally, in many places in Asia, automakers are working 00:01:40,310 – 00:01:46,689 under the problem that big luxury cars that might be imported, pay huge import tariffs. 00:01:46,689 – 00:01:51,709 While their local manufacturing is more focused for instance in China on smaller 00:01:51,709 – 00:01:54,509 lighter cars and vans. Today, 00:01:54,509 – 00:01:59,450 car-makers are more than ever focused on efficiency, which to them means optimum 00:01:59,450 – 00:02:06,380 lean production, which means relying more and more on their outsourced makers of 00:02:06,380 – 00:02:11,720 parts, components, and assemblies, which the automaker’s then bring into their 00:02:11,720 – 00:02:15,819 own factories and assemble as much as manufacture. They want to rely on 00:03:03,549 – 00:03:08,510 Mexico is absolutely hot in this regard. What’s the long-term future of the 00:03:08,510 – 00:03:12,430 automobile industry? At one time, analysts were thinking of as many as 00:03:12,430 – 00:03:17,939 three billion cars and light trucks on the planet by 2050. Roughly three times 00:03:17,939 – 00:03:25,099 today’s rate. However, the sharing economy may well put a hold on that thought as consumers 00:03:25,099 – 00:03:29,579 around the world more and more are using everything from bike sharing to car sharing 00:03:29,579 – 00:03:35,240 services like Zipcar; eliminating to some extent the need for personally owned 00:03:35,240 – 00:03:40,460 automobiles. Other things for the future that must be considered, are natural 00:03:40,460 – 00:03:44,970 gas-powered vehicles with the world awash in natural gas, particularly in 00:03:44,970 – 00:03:49,330 North America. There will be more reliance on using natural gas for big 00:03:49,330 – 00:03:54,680 transportation, at least things like buses and long range trucks. What about 00:03:54,680 – 00:03:59,190 electric cars? All-electric things like Tesla and hybrid cars like the Prius 00:03:59,190 – 00:04:04,660 still represent a very, very small portion of the total automobile market. For more information, visit us at:

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How To Use Social Media for Business

How To Use Social Media for Business

According to a LinkedIn study, 61 percent of small businesses find social media useful in gaining new customers. In this video, you’ll learn how using social media platforms can drive business. One of the most powerful marketing tools a small business can use is social media. Social media is globally accessible platforms, websites, and mobile applications through which people communicate and share content with one another.

Social media uses tools that allows users to share or send the content they see on a site to their friends and family often by just clicking a button. Sharing makes social media the ultimate many-to-many marketing tool with the ability to spread content at warp speed. Let’s look at five ways that social media can be used to drive business. First, you can use social media to connect with customers and prospects at a global level with a personal touch. When you connect with customers on social media, you want to create conversations with, and between them, that make them want to come back. You create fans, or followers of your social media site. To create a conversation for example, a clothing boutique might start by sharing pics of a new fashion trend on Instagram and ask followers to post ‘selfies’ wearing the trend. Second, you can use social media to build your brand.

When you use your social media sites to share content that reflects your business’ personality, insights, and passions, you give your business a unique voice distinguishing yourself and your brand from your competitors. A local gym for example, might build their brand by posting motivational quotes or pictures daily on their Twitter feed. Third, you can use social media to drive traffic to your website. While not all of the content you share on social media will link back to your site, some will. Sharing an interesting blog post or new product announcement can excite your target audience, and send them on to your website for more. For instance, the bath and body shop might announce their new spring scents on Facebook page, and include a promotional code for a discount customers can use to purchase from their website.

Fourth, you can use social media to establish your expertise. When you share your knowledge and know-how, you can build a following, an audience that comes to see you as a thought leader. As you build your audience, your influence grows. For example, to establish his expertise as a florist, a floral designer might use YouTube to post a video demonstrating how he makes centerpieces for winter weddings. Fifth, you can use social media to increase sales. Ultimately, all of these activities: Connecting, brand-building, driving traffic, establishing expertise, lead to the same place: sales! The bottom line is that social media for business has the potential to affect your bottom line.

Ready… Set… Get social! .

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How to Turn Your YouTube Channel Into a Profitable Business

In this video I interview entrepreneur Evan Carmichael and we talk about how to build a business around your YouTube channel tips for building a team no matter what size of subscribers you have so far and why your mindset could be holding back your growth coming up this video is brought to you by learn video dot live a one-hour online masterclass on how to grow a highly influential and profitable YouTube channel this year on this free training you’ll learn the proven strategies

and current best practices for growing your subscribers and creating passive income with YouTube to register for free just go to learn video dot live hey what’s up guys sean here with video influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video and i’m super pumped to have Evan Carmichael back on video influencers how’s it going good man good to be back super pumped to be here at clamour in Palm Springs and we actually just got off a panel talking all about how to really build a business around your YouTube channel yeah and I want to have a

conversation with you because you help entrepreneurs grow and really you’re really not really a youtuber first you’re a CEO first a business mind first yeah so we’ll unpack that and really talk about how creators can start creating other revenue streams and things like that but before we get into it for those who maybe don’t know you yet talk a little bit about your journey what you do as an entrepreneur and things like that so you know how to biotech software you stuff for a couple 19 built and sold of 22 became a venture capitalist then just wanted to give back help entrepreneurs not have to struggle like I did I think your your purpose comes from your pain so I struggled a lot to get my business off the ground and now I just want to make it easier for other people to do it have a channel called off my name Evan

Carmichael a motivational content for entrepreneurs million subs it’s going a lot like since you’ve grown a lot too in the past year too man it’s great it’s like the circle of influence helps everybody grow daily content three times a day usually videos to help entrepreneurs build and grow I always approached it like a business and that’s the topic right I think I think a lot of youtubers this is their first business and they’re artists and you’re artists and creators and I love it like I’m an artist in what I do but it’s artists / CEO yeah and and you you need to have a CEO in a business if you want to grow if you just want to be you all the time and it’s a solo operation are you and one person great but if you want to build something big significant create wealth generational wealth like it’s gonna come from you thinking like a CEO or recognizing that you don’t have the skills or interest to do it and bring it on

somebody wants to be the CEO I love that and you know one of the reasons I really wanted to talk to you is because even here at clammer we are connecting with other youtubers other creators and many people in this community are on the rise and they might look at somebody who has got a lot of subscribers maybe even like doing pretty well financially but behind the scenes what can happen in the YouTube space is craters are still sometimes paycheck to paycheck yeah even though they’re making a lot of income or they’re also on the verge of burnout you know because they’ve grown they’re popular they’re getting some momentum but it’s like impossible to sustain because they’re doing everything themselves they’re stressed and so what would you say to those watching at any stage of the journey that they should change in their thinking to avoid those types of things and as entrepreneurs of course we’re gonna hit hard seasons of course we’re gonna hit the time where you burn the candle at both ends but you can’t sustain that forever yeah so so what do you say to that even if they’re crushing it how we should be thinking yeah I think you always here last year I met a guy I had had five million subscribers on this

channel and it was still him and his wife and it couldn’t afford to hire anybody and her team I thought it was crazy and it’s sad right that you have such a big channel you put so much work in and you still can’t afford to build anything you’re spending 80 hours a week just putting it in so at the beginning she starts with the mindset it’s if you want to develop the skills and you want to build something bigger then you need to go and invest in yourself and the training the skills and your courses go to the events right and that’s what you want to do if it’s not if that’s not who you are again then you need to bring on the partner but you need to be thinking how do I make money in the process of me pursuing my art money is really important I think a lot of people some people think money is everything and that’s a mistake you do the wrong things for money and some people think money is the root of all evil and making money is a bad thing money’s really important even if your charity money is important but it’s just not number one it’s number two or three or four you got to find the thing that is above money but then recognize that you need to make money to go off and do that thing on a bigger scale and so to build a team do you want to

build a team you know I have eight people on my YouTube team do you want to be a leader do you want to manage people do you want to care about their growth and help them learn as individuals or is that something that is not interesting for you you just want to focus on the art in which case to get your mission and your purpose out there you need to find the person’s gonna help you do it that’s really good and one of the things you were mentioning on the panel we were just on is the skill set so let’s assume that those watching are like I do want to run this or I at least want to know what to look for in someone that could help me run this let’s talk about it kind of one by one you mentioned yeah if you’re gonna be an entrepreneur not just a

youtuber you need leadership you need teamwork you need some you know kind of bids dev skills break that down let’s talk about leadership first well what would you say the important of leadership is for those that are now no longer really calling themselves just youtubers but calling themselves okama CEO I’m a business owner like jay-z says yeah I’m not a businessman I’m a business man yeah so for leadership how can leaders grow have you grown as a leader and how important is that I think the most important thing about leadership is you care about the

person’s growth in the business more than you care about the business and so recognizing that for you this might be a lifetime thing like this is your baby this is your vision you’re trying to do this maybe forever for other people they may not be with you forever like you’re running a parallel path for a certain amount of time and then at some point they mean to jump off and a lot of people when the first bringing on people you think wait I can I can outsource I can delegate now I don’t to do all the work you can’t just treat a human being like a machine or a monkey you have to care about their growth and so a lot of what you do has to be what are the skills that this person is missing what are the mindset leap to this person have to take and sometimes it means the best thing for them is to kick them out of your business to allow them to go off and do their thing at the detriment of your own business which is a really hard thing to do but at the end it always comes back you always win like doing the right thing is always the right thing and so most important to be a leader is you need to care about the people on your team and care about their growth the people who are around you have to be getting better as human beings not just providing you a product or service I love that and you know I would I would add that one of the things you do so great is your YouTube channel it’s for developing entrepreneurs we could talk about that later but of course we’ll link to it you have also much great content from a lot of great leaders for those watching to grow as leaders I think the mindset that you may have never thought that you may never

thought I’m a youtuber I’m a creative you may not think of yourself as a leader I think that’s kind of step one and then maybe starting to read books on leadership I know John Maxwell has been a huge influence in my life 21 irrefutable laws of leadership is actually a pretty must read because it can start helping you at least think that way and leadership definitely a journey wouldn’t you agree it’s not a one-time thing it is a lifelong process yeah it starts with self-awareness to figure out do you want to be the leader and if you do then you can read books and you can watch videos I think I think there’s yes a certain amount you can learn from books but I think the environment and the habits routine you set for yourself is actually more important you know if you want to learn confidence yeah you can read this book on seven ways to be more confident it doesn’t mean you’re actually gonna do those

seven things be more confident the best way to be more confident is to be around confident people and so whether that’s in your actual circle of influence and you’re networking you’re meeting people or whether that’s through aspirational so what I did a lot of what I do with my videos if you’re watching Elon Musk or JZ be confident jay-z is a good example have you seen the clip with Warren Buffett on your channel it’s on my channel but it’s out there too I don’t think I’ve seen it though this is Jay Z Warren Buffett and the guy who started Forbes dude an interview together that’s crazy which is awesome that like Jay Z’s in the circle of warm buff and their friends and this right and they they asked gzj see you’re doing these boardrooms now you’re not in the streets Trinis boardrooms you don’t have a college degree you didn’t go to school you don’t how do you have the confidence to go off and be in these boardrooms and talk CEO talk he’s like I’m just myself in

every room I didn’t go to universities but I went to the School of Life and just watching that just feeling the confidence and the leadership coming from him creates an emotional reaction creates a shift for yourself and so the more you’re around that whether through a computer screen or with people the more you will adopt the mindset and the belief systems that you need to go off and do the thing so yes the tactics are really important the seven ways of 21 ways all that’s up but what ends that happened with a book often as you read it and you’re in it while you read it and you close the book and then you forget to implement doesn’t mean you’re doing all those things right everybody knows how to do push-ups but you’re not doing push-ups literally I have not been doing the push-ups yeah we got a climber workout after the but why it’s the mindset it’s not important enough to you you

could do it and sure could a trainer come and tweak it and say hey Sean like that angles wrong yeah you can get a little bit better at it but the mindset you haven’t made the decision that you want to be great at doing push-ups so powerful now let’s pivot to teamwork and probably one of the biggest things for creators at all levels but especially as they grow they have a lot of blocks oh I don’t know if I could delegate editing like I’ve been creating all my content I don’t think anyone could edit as good as me I don’t know if I could trust anybody or where do I find people how do I even get started if I want to start rallying some people around me and building a team of any size as a creator or a video influencer so at the start again it always comes down to mindset with any new thing that you were starting there’s a million reasons why it’s not going to work out I maybe five or six ways how it will

and if you only focus on a negative then you don’t take any action and you’re right it won’t work out or you look at how do I make it work out so Steve Wozniak founder of co-founder of Apple his advice to new entrepreneurs is stop looking the resources you don’t have start asking how what can you do with what you do have and so any new thing that you want to do there’s a million reasons why will not work so stop focusing on that and figure out what are the one or two or three things that I need to do that will help me get there with every up with every problem is an opportunity so do you look at the problem would you look at the opportunity well right yeah very powerful and what insights have you had I mean did you start by yourself on the YouTube channel always I love starting by myself yes I had built-in soul

discussing business I had a second business that I was running and then I hate spending money till I’m making money mmm so everything I did even though I had money was was ghetto like I used a flip camera no audio was shaky I did all the getting to myself and movie maker like I just did everything and as soon as I started making a little bit of money I poured it back into reinvested it exactly cuz like anybody can spend money this came from my venture capital days people would come in and say hey we need a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars or whatever it is it’s easy to spend money if I gave if I gave somebody a million dollars you can find a million ways to spend it yeah doesn’t mean you can make money mm-hmm and often giving people money too soon is a is a curse because you don’t know how to make money you don’t know if anything things are gonna work out so take that idea the challenged with entrepreneurs with youtubers you’ve got a big

vision like I want to build a million subscriber channel I want to build a ten million dollar Empire like you’ve got a big vision and then you think to make that happen I need all of these resources and it just becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger which is amazing your dream but then become so big that you don’t do anything and so let the big dream be your motivation but as soon as you come up with a goal find the smallest stupid as easy as possible way to just start Wow start get out your phone and film like that’s it make a video and then start again

tomorrow and the next day and you’re working towards the big dream and that’s what you did you got started but then over time then your team grew so just what are a few insights and timeline as you started to grow your team and how you did it where you found them so most of my team is overseas we use up work a lot we have a whole hiring process that works pretty well up were calm up were calm and what is that we’ll link it up it’s a resource were there’s freelancers from around the world who bid on projects and so editing research community man and trained a lot of that you can find through up work actually filming content so my video team is in my city and they’re there with me but everything else is is overseas so it’s allow you it allows you to get high quality talent without spending as much money so it allows you dollar to stretch a lot further and maybe at only five hours a week or ten hours a week at first yeah 100% yeah that’s a huge mistake people make too they start up saying well I don’t have 50k to hire somebody your first hire should never be full-time one because you can’t afford it you can start a lot sooner and two you probably suck as a manager sure right like managing somebody full-time is work so start on five hours a week right the first guy I ever hired was for one hour a day yeah one hour day doing data entry work and that saved one and a half hours of my time

because he was better at it than I was Yeah right and that that allows you to start developing and training the skills of how to manage and lead a person and then you can start scaling up and unless you do it sooner if you wait till you have 50k burning a hole in your pocket you might be waiting another three years if where that happens mmm yep really really good advice well hey are you ready for the lightning round lightning round I’m ready let’s go lightning around lightning around 3 2 1 coffee or tea coffee cat or dog what kind of dog yeah she poo she poo yeah what’s she poo dog’s name Teemo Teemo sheep Teemo the Sheep oooh yeah poopy Dscoop right lots of poop it’s in the poo yeah he poo favorite TV show or Netflix show to

bench I don’t watch a lot of TV billions oh that’s a good show like a show that’s right Silicon Valley number 2 pretty awesome awesome one book every influence you’re watching should read top 10 was a success read one page a day mmm more link that up if you want to check that out in the YouTube description favorite social network besides YouTube Instagram it’s hot right now it’s everybody’s answer like we just know the answer I love that I love the live where you can bring somebody in that’s the thing right live you bring somebody watch them 101 that’s that’s the jam I don’t let a couple times so yeah four times a week yeah I need more more I love that recommended documentary or movie that could help maybe those watching grow as entrepreneurs I like the the jobs this is the first jobs one I think which is called job yeah I saw it I didn’t see this one I could share one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hidden talent that maybe not only our audience wouldn’t know about but maybe

your audience would even know about it oh let’s see salsa dancing but people know that my audience okay talent can do the world’s quietest sneeze mmm just on command or just whenever you feel like sneezing yeah just before you sneeze blow all the air system and then it’s just kind of nothing comes out Wow I like those messy nasty nasty sneezes so you got to sneeze yeah and then sneeze there’s power this is all tactics you’re giving technique you’re demonstrating I don’t know if I set that on my channel this way I hope you’re subscribed here on video influencers because we bring you the best best that’s practical hack that’s life skills right that’s right the social situation right yeah quietly sneeze without crap coming out that’s important stuff I love it I love it on a banana you don’t want to sneeze that out it’s it’s true it’s the worst food the having your mouth when sneezing salsa or if you’ve put a lot of hot sauce on your food in it then it goes up and then I burn you’re like oh thinking banana cuz when it comes out you can’t tell the difference of what’s what Oh Astro right let’s get here that’s right you get you get the gold here on video influencers if you could give a TED talk what would it be about mindset deeper

people play small by default you’ve you know even here sitting here I’ve already played small five times every major breakthrough that you will have in your life will come by smashing a limiting belief and that starts with your mindset so powerful no miss morning ritual for you right now I wake up I read a page for my top ten success book and then and then I have to share mmm for me sharing gets me shares that big so you post something on social you shake a video video like a morning rant like 15-second black-and-white Instagram video and that’s that’s how I start me to get inspired by something and then I make a video so the inspiration plus the

sharing is the thing that gets me less powerful fire yourself inspire others yeah it doesn’t work as well that’s just me I have to share it for me to feel the juice Matt’s really powerful yeah what advice would you now give to your 20 year old self believe more believe more yeah believe harder believe more and it’s the same advice that my seven-year-old self will tell my 38 year old self right now mindset dude do you have a favorite quote that you like to live by or think about often especially from the quote guy I mean you know so many quotes so a lot of them like I love a lot of them nothing comes to mind machine gun yeah right so many I hear so here’s my answer yeah I don’t think there’s one quote that you can live your life by mmm like I think the same quote if you just repeat it over and over again just fades yeah it’s like when you tattoo something on your arm and it supposed to remind you something mm-hmm it starts to not remind you of that anymore if you watch the same video over and over again you won’t get motivated by it anymore mmm right so you need fresh exactly but like new pointing that the same thing you need that new word that fresh word the new thought but still pointing that the same like you think of where you want to go you can’t watch the same like you watch the job so move you’ll blow your mind you’ll watch it a hundred times the efficacy drops off each time right that’s why I don’t have a quarter let by favorite place in the whole wide world Toronto Canada shout out Canada hey if you’re from Canada let us know in the comment yeah love Canada love lightning round awesome well Evan so much value thanks so much for taking the time today of course you’ve got some cool things out we’d love to talk about your book talk about your channel but where can people find you and

we’ll link that in the description below so the YouTube channel easiest place to get the content if you want to interact one on one with me Instagram Twitter snapchat or the few places I’m hanging out the most I love that I love that and influencers question of the day taking this from Evans channel what point in this video or principle or topic that was shared do you need to implement next let us know in the comments and remember that by sharing that you’re putting it out there into the world and it will get you closer to taking action than by not doing it so post that in the comments Evan can you give one final word of inspiration you know the

entrepreneurial journey Darren Hardy wrote a book called it’s it’s a roller coaster there’s ups there’s downs some right now might be super encouraged some might be going through a harder season can you just share a few final words just to keep going and keep building for the influencers watching enjoy the pain pain is good like all like all the crap if you can learn to see the crap that’s in your life and say this is my chance to grow that’s when again it’s a mindset thing right whatever is wrong in your life right now say good this is my chance to overcome it and then I’ll help other people do it too I love that I love that thanks again so much for coming on

influencers subscribe and ring the bell if you’re not subscribed and if you want to check out other videos in this interview series click the tap the screen right there for another video from video influencers click or tap the screen right there until next time this channel is all about bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence income and impact with online video keep crushing it and we will talk soon

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