How To Use Social Media for Business

How To Use Social Media for Business

According to a LinkedIn study, 61 percent of small businesses find social media useful in gaining new customers. In this video, you’ll learn how using social media platforms can drive business. One of the most powerful marketing tools a small business can use is social media. Social media is globally accessible platforms, websites, and mobile applications through which people communicate and share content with one another.

Social media uses tools that allows users to share or send the content they see on a site to their friends and family often by just clicking a button. Sharing makes social media the ultimate many-to-many marketing tool with the ability to spread content at warp speed. Let’s look at five ways that social media can be used to drive business. First, you can use social media to connect with customers and prospects at a global level with a personal touch. When you connect with customers on social media, you want to create conversations with, and between them, that make them want to come back. You create fans, or followers of your social media site. To create a conversation for example, a clothing boutique might start by sharing pics of a new fashion trend on Instagram and ask followers to post ‘selfies’ wearing the trend. Second, you can use social media to build your brand.

When you use your social media sites to share content that reflects your business’ personality, insights, and passions, you give your business a unique voice distinguishing yourself and your brand from your competitors. A local gym for example, might build their brand by posting motivational quotes or pictures daily on their Twitter feed. Third, you can use social media to drive traffic to your website. While not all of the content you share on social media will link back to your site, some will. Sharing an interesting blog post or new product announcement can excite your target audience, and send them on to your website for more. For instance, the bath and body shop might announce their new spring scents on Facebook page, and include a promotional code for a discount customers can use to purchase from their website.

Fourth, you can use social media to establish your expertise. When you share your knowledge and know-how, you can build a following, an audience that comes to see you as a thought leader. As you build your audience, your influence grows. For example, to establish his expertise as a florist, a floral designer might use YouTube to post a video demonstrating how he makes centerpieces for winter weddings. Fifth, you can use social media to increase sales. Ultimately, all of these activities: Connecting, brand-building, driving traffic, establishing expertise, lead to the same place: sales! The bottom line is that social media for business has the potential to affect your bottom line.

Ready… Set… Get social! .

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