Massage Therapy Cochrane

Massage Therapy Cochrane AB

Massage Therapy Cochrane

Massage can help treat headaches, neck stiffness and pain, arthritis, sports injuries and stress. It is the pressing with the hands that ranges from light strokes to deep pressure along your muscles. There are various types, so please talk to our amazing massage therapist of the techniques you prefer or sit back and let them use their professional judgement on the techniques that will work best for you.

Modality descriptions for Jeannine Millan

Aromatic Kinesiology Massage

This treatment was designed by a Naturopath and Aromatherapist in Australia, Robbie Zeck. It combines muscle testing of which oils your body requires from a choice of 60 essential oils. A blend is then made up in a 60 ml bottle and the oil descriptions for emotional benefits are discussed. A 60-minute massage is given using the personalized blend and you take home the remainder of the blend for post treatment protocols.

Aroma Detox Massage (Raindrop)

This treatment has been popular since the early 80’s. It combines 7 specific essential oils and blends, massage and energy work to help alleviate issues along the spine. Especially beneficial for Scoliosis patients the oils and blends are applied along the spine in a drop type fashion. This and the Vita Flex techniques are utilized to assist the muscles next to the spine to release and allow the body to adjust on its own. A heat component is utilized in most cases to assist the oils in penetrating the skin along the back. Oils are then applied to the inside lower leg for benefits along the digestive tract and a general detox can occur for a few days after the session. Massage is utilized throughout the treatment to assist as the releases happen to allow the muscles in those areas to relax and create a better flow of energy and neural transmission. Recommend assessment with a physiotherapist before and after this session.

Hot Stone Massage

This is an ancient therapy combining the benefits of heat with your therapeutic or relaxation style massage. The stones are heated in water then applied to your body in spot areas usually over a sheet or blanket. Stones are also used during the massage to transmit the heat along the body along with a carrier oil. The heat acts to get the benefits in deeper than using excessive pressure from the therapist.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

This treatment is considered to be a gentle, hands-on therapy which regulates the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions the brain and spine. It is beneficial for headaches, pain in general, and dysfunction of joints. The therapist uses light pressure about a nickel worth to sense the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that circulates up and down the spine, neck and brain. They will correct any imbalance they detect within the fluid flow and this can have a great effect within the body for pain and releasing blocks within the body. Please note it is not considered massage therapy so the receipt cannot be used under massage benefits however can be used in a Health Spending account.

Pre or Post Natal Massage

The therapist has the option to use a pregnancy pillow so the prenatal mom can lie on her belly safely without cause of concern for the baby. The pillow is about 4” high and has a portion like a dugout to fit the baby and a face cradle that adjusts to allow for the mom to be comfortable. Supports under the ankles while face down and under the knees when face up allow for good support of the spine during the massage session. Some restrictions may occur; like a mom with multiple babies may not fit in the pillow after the 6th month gestation in that case we utilize the sideline positioning with extra pillows throughout the session. The therapist focuses on legs, gluteal muscles, hip release points and entire back and neck.

Reiki Healing Massage

This session combines using Reiki energy to relax the part of the body that is about to be massaged. The energy blocks are removed, and oils are used when appropriate. Increased circulation will be experienced in the area receiving the energy and when the therapist begins the massage aspect. There will be less muscle resistance to the pressure during the massage thus reducing the pain sometimes associated with Therapeutic Massage. Balancing the Chakra system is also included with this session and Aromatic Sprays are used to help balance the major chakras which has effects on the endocrine system and nervous system in the body.

Aromatherapy Add-On

Essential oils specific to your needs can be added into the following treatments: Therapeutic, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage, or Hot Stone. There will be an add-on to the cost of the treatment of $7.00.

Massage Therapy Cochrane AB